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Archive for June 2011

“The Four Channels: All You Are Is All You Need” (Excerpt 1 from upcoming Roadmap to Success)

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on June 7th, 2011    1 Comment

What are the biggest challenges that keep people from unleashing their full human potential?

The biggest challenge is FEAR—False Evidence Appearing Real. Too often we contaminate our current moment or distort our reality from past failures, criticisms, regrets, resentments, and remorse. Other than gravity and mortality, our limitations are pretty much self-imposed.

But what about fears that tend to hang over us like a cloud as we contemplate the economy or unstable job market? Because we tend to attract the very thing we fear, which is related to Jung’s “what you resist persists,” it’s time for a thought transplant. Norman Vincent Peale said you can change your thoughts and change your world. This comes from a man who learned how to consistently hold onto positive thoughts and who massaged thoughts into things. His secret was to act as if his thoughts were true. Therefore, we must be mindful to create positive energy around that which we seek.

Just as some people view the world through rose-colored lenses, others may view the world through depressive lenses. Either way may be a distortion, yet one way is certain to lead to behaviors that confirm victory as opposed to defeat. Interpretation determines the quality of our journey, given the science behind self-fulfilling prophecies. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or can’t, it’s true.”