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Archive for March 2013

Two Pre-requisites for the Good Life (A Reflection)

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on March 14th, 2013    No Comments

Whether your definition of “the good life” is childlike joy, inner peace within your own skin, monetary wealth, or abundant time for whatever your desires, having the keys to achieving the good life must fit the lock that stands between your current reality and your envisioned reality.  I see these keys for the good life as represented by the two pre-requisites of self- and other-awareness because they ensure our relationship with ourselves and others are satisfying and in harmony. No matter what other fortunes we enjoy, and no matter what uncontrollable misfortunes we may endure, these two prerequisites directly impact our acceptance of those things we cannot change and our gratitude for that which we are blessed. “If you don’t have what you want, then want what you have.”