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Getting at Root Cause in Leadership Development – Symptoms of 360s Represent Only the Tip of the Iceberg

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on April 11th, 2013    No Comments

Does anyone remember when SHRM came out with the research findings that 15% of our career success is the result of expertise while 85% is the result of interpersonal skills? Leadership is all about relationships, which explains why today’s leadership development industry represents a plethora of ways to increase career success via leadership/personal development. The biggest challenge is getting at root cause. Too many approaches only target the symptoms described in 360s without getting at root cause, thereby undermining permanent, positive change or rendering one to appear “scripted”. Getting at root cause is the fastest route to one’s authenticity. When you experience yourself making a meaningful human connection with another person, you experience authenticity and trust. Amazing what those kinds of relationships create in the name of workplace harmony and revenue. And based on “wherever you go, there you are,” relationships at home improve either at the same rate or faster for most people who make root-cause changes in the name of leadership training. You just can’t go to the next higher level without going to the next deeper level. Want to learn how this is done? Stay tuned.