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Zen Leadership

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on June 24th, 2013    No Comments

This is not a promotion I’m sharing here but an experience for which I welcome discussion. Last month I attended a program in Spring Green, Wisconsin facilitated by the author of The Zen Leader, Dr. Ginny Whitelaw.  I knew this would be a growth experience, given my intellectual knowledge of Zen through my co-founder the late Dr. Jim Farr. It was a complete immersion in Zen and I took away a physical discipline that wasn’t there before. Although I meditate – and pray as a big part of my faith, I was a neophyte at the physical aspects of Zen and decided to continue this path upon my return. I can now sit still for a full hour without twitching regardless of distractions.  The gift is well beyond the physical in that it allows the psyche to surface and release whatever energy may be interfering with wholeness. Dr. Whitelaw even has an assessment that is huge in practicality regarding how we manage our energy –FEBI® or Focus Energy Balance Indicator. The accompanying report offered me specific behaviors to practice to be in holistic balance.  There are so many excellent programs out there and many facilitated by scores of professionals who have membership in The Leadership Trust LinkedIn Group, but not all programs in this world inspire the participant to fully embrace that which it takes to create a breakthrough. I suggest doing a search to see what may be geographically close that can offer that which I’ve described if indeed it has any sense of calling to you, then explore places “far and wide” if necessary. Everything we do towards growth rewards the remaining time we have left on planet Earth. Nothing can replace the actuality of experiencing.