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Part III: Getting at Root Cause in Leadership Development: Symptoms of 360s Represent Only the Tip of the Iceberg

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on July 24th, 2013    No Comments

We ended with the statement Some people have worked very hard to create an act of leadership, but it still is experienced as an act, and it takes a LOT of energy to maintain an act. So how do you get to that authentic place? What methodology connects your head with your heart? The methodology is grounded in right brain experiences…

A right brain experience is one in which you get to experience sensations, emotions, creativity, intuition, and love, among other non-verbal, non-numerical aspects of life and living. People have opportunities pretty much every day but short circuit themselves with behaviors whose root-cause underpinnings go unrecognized despite their interference with highly effective leadership qualities. This kind of unawareness has nothing to do with intelligence (see blog regarding research on how intelligence interferes with leadership). If you want to have a new experience in growth, either put out a new behavior in response to a stressful conversation or simply retire whatever you would have done before (e.g., disengage or perhaps use offense as a defense). You likely will have an unpleasant emotion, which is exactly why people tend not to do this but rather operate on automaticity. If you decide to sit with that unpleasant feeling/emotion and simply pay attention to what your mind generates to explain the unpleasantness, you will learn a lot about what is sabotaging you at your very best. Part IV will share what was “my stuff” within this context that was holding me back from releasing my full human potential. As said in an earlier blog, you just can’t go to the next higher level without going to the next deeper level.