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Creating A Happier Marriage and Family: Another Compelling Argument for Leadership Development

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on April 16th, 2014    No Comments

What?! A  Good Marriage and Happy Family Life Can Promote Greater Productivity and Revenue at Work?!  As a member of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) since the 1980s, I occasionally read in full those headlines that attract my attention. Today was one of those days in which NCFR was featuring an upcoming webinar showing “how integrating healthy marriage and relationship education skills can lead to more stable employment for individuals and more productive workplaces for employers.” I’ve been waiting for this research for a long time, given it’s been evident from our own clients who engage in self-awareness based leadership development that their home life resultantly improves usually in direct proportion. Simply said, they routinely report a happier marriage and family. With this in mind, I’d say this is not a “cause and effect” study by NCFR, but rather one based upon correlations. Whether you focus on leadership development or marriage-and-family development, whatever tweak you make inside will follow you wherever you go. This is a variation of “wherever you go, there you are”!   

This is especially useful for those who find it a stigma to seek therapy within their personal life. Companies armed with the aforementioned findings should be happy to support leadership development, even if the motivation to attend a leadership program is due largely to seeking a happier family life.

Self-Awareness and Money: Making a Business Case to Fund Your Self-Awareness Workshop

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on April 10th, 2014    No Comments

Rebecca Bonnington recently shared an article with our Leadership Trust LinkedIn Group that has resultantly created some stimulating discussion.  If you click on the link below, you’ll find the real title is Return On Self-Awareness: Research Validates The Bottom Line Of Leadership Development. It’s not too big a leap to appreciate that organizations grow in some direct proportion to the self-awareness growth of its key decision makers. After all, how can we know what makes others tick if we can’t answer the same about ourselves.

Self-Awareness, like other psychological concepts and constructs, can be mastered in varying degrees. Those who are willing to “go through a bad place to get to a good place” are the ones willing to risk the pain of growth. If you personally are ready for deep change, read Robert Quinn’s Deep Change. If you are painfully ready for deep change, follow what he suggests.

I’ll never forget in my doctoral program to earn my PhD in clinical psychology, we graduate students were told we should be willing to take a look at our own stuff before working to help others do the same. I thought I could die from a broken heart in that therapy I thought I didn’t really need. It was the best and worst thing I ever did. As I’ve said before in these blogs, you just can’t go to the next higher level unless you go to the next deeper level.

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