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The Leadership/Mindfulness Connection

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on July 22nd, 2014    No Comments

Leadership is all about relationships, and mindfulness is thinking consequentially based upon the effects of whatever one is saying or doing in the moment. When honed, mindful leadership translates into the ability to read people accurately, which is the cornerstone to optimal two-way communication.

When we are mindfully behaving for others, it means we are aware of how our behaviors are impacting those in our presence. Whether it’s your choice of words or how you say it or simply your nonverbal body language, at any given moment you are creating within others (1) an experience they have of you, and (2) an experience they have of themselves based upon whatever you said or did or simply however you physically may have appeared to them (e.g., approachable vs unapproachable, approving vs critical). That’s why leadership development is at its best when a comprehensive 360° assessment uses a process that allows someone to finally get to see themselves through others’ eyes – a powerful process. After all, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you keep getting what you’ve been getting. Seeing a better way is the first step to acting on it.

People with tunnel vision and unawareness do not stop to think, “If I do this or say this, how will [Name] feel?” It has destroyed as many relationships at work as it has in one’s personal life. People can get so focused on one task (or on one person, as is the case with co-dependency) that everybody else gets categorized as either a support to their interests or a nuisance. Interestingly, once one makes a connection between head and heart, it becomes natural – yes, even intuitive – to experience in the moment how best to elicit support and give it.

Leadership is all about mindful self-awareness, the by-product of which is other-awareness, thereby making this applicable to one’s personal life as well.