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Starting the new year the right way

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on January 12th, 2010    No Comments

A Leadership Checklist: 10 Things To Do Right Now to Make it  a Great Year

Blog author Terry Starbucker writes his top 10 list of how to start a great year on this blog.  Click the link above to read the full list.

The Leadership Trust has been in the throes of kicking off a great 2010 with full expectation of creating greater fun and profit for not only our clients but ourselves as well.  We are more focused than ever and have “hope with a backbone” that 2010 will catapult 2009 into total oblivion.  Dr. Kathy Sturgis created an amazing team building/strategic planning session designed to stretch our potential to compelling performance.  We are no different from any organization – we want the freshness of ideas coming from within and beyond our own walls.  If you’re looking for a jump start, call us, 1-888-313-2570.

Yes You Can Get Something – of Real Value – for Nothing!

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on June 3rd, 2009    No Comments

The Leadership Trust® is offering a complimentary data collection that allows you to pinpoint potential problems. “If you don’t know, you can’t fix,” and even if you decide not to know, those perceptions of what’s not working at work are still out there and may even be occasional topics of casual conversation, thereby potentially affecting morale.   Find out what needs to change or at least manage any faulty perceptions. And if you need further help doing so, we’re here to help you.


Find out from Heather how the anonymous data collection is performed and your findings shared. You’ll be all the better for it!


Heather Kellum, MBA

Program Coordinator


Office: 919.484.0999

Toll Free: 888.313.2570


PLDP Graduates on Video

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on June 2nd, 2009    No Comments

We know it’s been a long-awaited process, but the video testimonial project is complete!  A special thanks to all our graduates who gave their time to make this happen, and a very special thanks to graduate Gardner Reynolds whose company provided this service, Barton Creek Productions.

See if you recognize someone you know by visiting our Graduate Testimonials page that includes these videos!  We’d greatly appreciate your sharing this link with you peers, friends, and family!  We are now offering finder’s fees for new clients for both our workshop and onsite consulting services.

You can also find us on You Tube and LinkedIn!


Building leaders into your team

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on May 28th, 2009    No Comments

Recently, Business Week Magazine featured a story about author Jim Colllins’ new book: How the Mighty Fall and How to Stay on Top.  He offered guidance during a discussion with a collection of Army generals, CEOs, and social sector leaders about the state of America.  One CEO asked him about his company, “When you are at the top of the world, the most powerful nation on Earth, the most successful company in your industry, the best player in your game, your very power and success might cover up the fact that you’re already on the path of decline.”

So how do you know?

Collins was inspired to write a book about it.  In his book, he offers ways to look at your company and the interactions amongst it’s leadership team to determine your current state.  Read the exerpt from his book by clicking the link below.

How the Mighty Fall: A Primer on the Warning Signs

If you find your company is on the path to decline, let us help you.  We can take your leaders and your executive team to a new level of leadership that will Improve Relationships to Improve [your] Bottom Line.

Mistakes Managers Make During Tough Economic Times

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on March 10th, 2009    No Comments

Tunnel Vision- “What worked before will work again.”

Why: Often managers are jinxed by their own experience bias.  Seasoned managers with previous experience  in surviving recessionary conditions are likely to follow “what worked before.”  This is a common mistake and it is important for managers to understand that each recessionary environment is not the same, and thus demands unique managerial decision making.  Approaching other managers and  employees in the organization is a good way to generate cost saving ideas and coordinated leaner operations.

Beware Inaction: Another common managerial mistake, in additiona to a bias for repeating the past is simply doing nothing.  Inaction is a very dangerous road for managers and can result in increase employee anxiety, loss of direction and declining morale.  Filing to respond to changes in the business environment is not the measure of an effective manager.  Economic changes present a perfect ociasion to re-examine and revisit existing policies and procedures and look for opportunities to improve processes and save money.

Resources provided upon request.

How to Handle a Workplace Bully

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on October 29th, 2008    No Comments

This article, written by Jennifer Alsever, showcases Doc Holly’s guidance in dealing with bullies in the workplace.

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The Effect of Stress: The Current Economic Crisis and What You Can Do to Ease the Effects of Stress

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on October 14th, 2008    1 Comment


Stress reacts physically in your body the same way “fight or flight” does. If you don’t “fight” or you don’t “flee” the stress will remain INSIDE your body and feed on it internally. Some people can physically move around to “trick” the body into believing the EXTERNAL threat is being addressed, thereby alleviating the INTERNAL stress on the immune system.  After all, stress is housed in the body. 

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The Leadership Styles of McCrory and Perdue

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on September 18th, 2008    No Comments

Leadership Postulate for this Blog: Each candidate’s leadership style will have a direct impact on his appeal to voters. The way in which they present themselves and their points of view is just as important as their actual opinion, as their method of working with others will be a direct indicator of their ability to lead North Carolina.

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Invest In The Future Of Your Company

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on July 21st, 2008    No Comments

It’s no secret by this point – the economy isn’t as strong as it used to be. Companies are downsizing and, as morale levels drop, so does job loyalty. But that doesn’t mean that corporations should focus only on the bottom line and ignore the professional development of their employees. Companies need strong leaders to get through a rough patch in the economy, and taking the time to invest in your staff’s leadership skills will result in less turnover, higher morale and subsequently higher productivity and revenue. (

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Welcome to the new website!

  Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on May 20th, 2008    No Comments

Welcome to our leadership blog! As part of our newly designed website, we wanted to incorporate a way to keep leadership discussions open amongst our program graduates as well as invite new viewers to participate- and the blog is born!

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