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Family Discord and Abuse: When Disrespectful, Bullying Behaviors at Work Go Unchecked

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

In my first management role a few decades ago, I had a direct report who on occasion would bully me and others.  In dire need of leadership development, I made some futile attempts to manage this problem behavior before eventually firing him. It took a lot of personal work on my part since that time […]

“The Four Channels: All You Are Is All You Need” (Excerpt 1 from upcoming Roadmap to Success)

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What are the biggest challenges that keep people from unleashing their full human potential? The biggest challenge is FEAR—False Evidence Appearing Real. Too often we contaminate our current moment or distort our reality from past failures, criticisms, regrets, resentments, and remorse. Other than gravity and mortality, our limitations are pretty much self-imposed. But what about […]

Emotional Intelligence and the Holocaust: Leadership at the Personal Level

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I have an 82-year old friend, Solly Ganor, who amazingly survived Dachau among many other life-threatening Nazi dangers during the early-to-mid 1940s when he was just a teenager. Although there is a part of me that believes Solly had to have had some kind of constant and consistent divine intervention and guidance, unquestionably Solly’s emotional intelligence […]