Got a Human Virus in Your Organization?

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Gallup found that 15% of employees are actively disengaged and busily acting out their unhappiness at work. If you can name someone who fits this description, you have a human virus in your organization who is impacting morale, turnover, productivity, profits, customer loyalty, and even safety.  Because the poll also found that 57% of your employees are not engaged, meaning they are putting in time but not energy, this sizeable group tends to become the prime target of the actively disengaged.

But, wait – there is some good news here.  You have 28% of your workforce who are truly engaged and also able to influence the same 57% who are simply not engaged.  With the actively engaged almost doubly outnumbering the actively disengaged, the prospects are good for creating a positive culture that is ready to take on your competition in innovation, collaboration, and sales.  

By formally organizing the mixture of these 3 groups to serve on committees designed to raise work morale (e.g., wellness activities, employee recognition, Fun Fridays, in-house surveys, etc.), oftentimes management can discover the underpinnings for what’s working and what’s not working regarding their engagement index.  

We’d like to hear what you have done over this past year to raise your engagement index.  I’m curious if you did anything in particular to target your Generation X or Y versus the Baby Boomers as a part of your overall effort.