10 Most Common Leadership Shortcomings

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Let’s talk about bad leadership.  The Harvard Business Review published a list of the top 10 qualities of bad leaders.  These are described in more detail in the article online, accessible here.

The Worst Leaders:

1. Lack energy and enthusiasm.

2. Accept their own mediocre performance.

3. Lack clear vision and direction.

4. Have poor judgment.

5. Don’t collaborate.

6. Don’t follow the standards they set for others.

7. Resist new ideas.

8. Don’t learn from mistakes.

9. Lack interpersonal skills.

10. Fail to develop others.

As one reads the list, this information seems pretty obvious.  Online Ezine Expert, Shari Alexander, mentions how seemingly simple these bad traits appear to be.  “Everyone knows to avoid these problems.  Before you disregard this information, take a look at what the surveyors also discovered: ‘…the ineffective leaders we studied were often unaware that they exhibited these behaviors.  In fact, those who were rated most negatively rated themselves substantially more positively.’  In order to improve your leadership abilities, you need to check [your] ego at the door and routinely ask for honest feedback.  Otherwise, you might be making detrimental mistakes and not even know it,” Alexander writes.

The author further offers practicality in her insights regarding how to effectively change 5 of the 10 behaviors instantly.  Read her suggestions here.  At The Leadership Trust, we are in the business of perceptions management.  How others perceive us and how we perceive them are filled with unintended errors and thus greatly impact the effectiveness of our leadership skills.  Through our unique 360+ degree feedback instrument and process, we offer our participants the equivalences of an MRI versus a cat scan when it comes to a comprehensive overview of the misperceptions that are floating around out there at work and beyond.  More importantly, throughout the 5-day program, we get at root causes of these misperceptions, thereby making the chances of permanent, positive change a lifelong reality.  Contact Us today to learn about our tuition guaranteed programs!

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