A Compelling Lesson from Hummingbirds: Attracting Abundance in Business

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Unbelievable! I just replenished a bottle of a nectar concoction for my backyard hummingbirds. Five can easily feed from this bottle and could feed nonstop for an indefinite period of time (thanks to my watchful eye to provide such abundance). Despite all this, the aggression I witness among these birds eliminates any from enjoying this non-stop fountain of fulfillment.  Why this self-defeating ritual that usurps their limited energy to maintain up to 90 flaps of their wings PER SECOND! Because like some self-defeating humans,  they see their world from the perspective of scarcity. Isn’t it amazing this “law of polarities” that ensures it is in giving that we receive! That’s effective leadership. It’s also effective love-ship. When we take care of others, we vicariously take care of ourselves.

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