A Daily Dose of Laughter

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One of our program graduates, Lance Ekum, Jungle of Life blog author,  was telling us about a unique change movement he learned and participated in to help boost energy through laughter.  The creator of The Levity Project, Katie West, has started a movement of positivity!

She describes The Levity Project as “a social movement to foster buoyancy, laughter, play, and freedom as the new paradigm in social design.  We engage in public acts of levity in which people gather in a flash setting to en-lighten the energy of a public place and those within it.  They are designed to foster a sense of lightness and connection to all who are present.

The goal is to bring people together who see themselves as agents of change toward creating a an upward spiral of positivity in our world.  We want to  create a deeper understanding that joy, play, laughter, and freedom are integral to individual and collective success.”

We visited The Levity Project website and loved the videos of the project in action!  Check out the website to learn more.

You can also read Lance’s Blog where he interviews Katie about her passion for laughter and choosing to be positive.

How do we bring this into the workplace?  Mike Shoemaker, author on Social Earth blog has a great perspective of who builds the fun company culture in the corporate world- the leaders.  In his recent post “What Could Corporate America Possibly Teach the Social Sector about Organizational Culture?” Mike tells how he was pleasantly surprised to learn that corporate America doesn’t always mean drones and robots, but can also mean a sense of community and openness.  Mike says, “Most of all, always remember that senior leadership drives org culture.  Lead by example. Do good work, but don’t forget to have fun.”

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