A Leadership Observation Nobody Talks About

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

We’ve become a politically correct society…perhaps to a fault. For example, we do not bring up religion or politics when it comes to job performance. After all, what difference should that make anyway, right?

Wrong. That observation, at least in part, does not always work. The observation I wish to share has to do with what I’ve discovered over the last few decades working in the leadership development industry.

I wanted to test a hypothesis that those who identify with a philosophy, faith, religion, or guidepost of a defined nature stand a much greater chance at honing their leadership skills. I therefore included on a “Personal History Form” that is filled out the first night of our hallmark leadership program – a form nobody but the participant and I would see – a question that asks if one has “a personal faith, please describe.”

I’ve had every major religion represented as well as single words such as “love” as responses since I added that question. I’ve had “the law of attraction” as a response pop up with greater frequency within the last decade. The results have been astounding. Those who say “none” tend to experience greater difficulty with the change process, or it may be that it simply takes longer for them to reliably stay the course.

It therefore suggests that those who are seekers of the truth (not a capital “T” here), are finding an intuitive voice when it comes to interpersonal relationship dynamics. These people are becoming socially intuitive across all of their relationships. They no longer think people, but experience them. They create meaningful human relationships with an ease that distinguishes them from those who lack sufficient definition in their self-created guidelines for living. This is a cornerstone for effective leadership nobody tends to talk about. . . I guess until now.