A Real-Life Lesson on How to Get Hired:

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One of our program graduates- David Jarrett, VP of Human Resources, Clariant Corporation– recently shared with us and his leadership class (PLDP, 10/07) the following excerpt from an interview with Ritz-Carlton CEO Simon Cooper*.  When the topic turned to what hiring process Cooper used to maintain his company’s award-winning service, he answered:

When somebody asks me about the qualities we’re looking for and wants to know the most important, empathy is the outcome I’m looking for.  And if you pin me down and say, ‘Okay, if that’s the outcome you’re looking for, what’s the input to create that?’  I like Tennyson’s ‘Self-Reverence.’  Tennyson had this expression that to be a great leader you needed ‘self-reverence, self-knowledge, and self-control– these three alone lead to power.’  Self-reverence means you like yourself.  You’re comfortable with who you are.  And it’s amazing.  When you think about people who didn’t work out, they were not comfortable with themselves.  They haven’t come to terms with who they are.  And if you haven’t come to terms with who you are, and if you don’t like yourself, you can’t empathize.  You don’t have the ability or the time to put yourself in other people’s shoes; you’re still trying to figure out your own shoes.”

Those of us at The Leadership Trust® especially enjoyed David Jarrett’s commentary on Simon Cooper’s quote, for which he gave us permission to include: “What a great quote!  And Holly, if that’s not a ringing endorsement for the importance of what you’re accomplishing in the PLDP, I don’t know what is.”  David Jarrett, VP HR; Clariant Corporation.

We thank David for his submission of this great quote that may help people out there struggling to find work.  We are also grateful for our ongoing relationship with Clariant and their perpetual presence in our Personalized Leadership Development Program™ (PLDP).  Our mission is to support, on a global basis, the creation, development, and implementation of highly effective, high integrity leadership serving the ultimate well-being of all persons everywhere.  And it all starts with leaders engaging in an intensive Self-Awareness process.

*Source: Creating Value Through People, published by Mercer, Copyright 2009 John Wiley and Sons Inc., page 146.

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