Al Gore’s Divorce and Leadership – What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Do you believe work affects home? Home affects Work? If you said, “Yes,” then chances are good you are a realist. Just ask any parent with a critically ill, injured, or disabled child – or simply sick will do. Just ask the 44-year old man who just learned that his 12-year old son is not his. Everybody has a story. When a person divorces, all that says is that there has been some emotional upheaval going on in his or her home life for some indefinite period of time. If Al Gore had been in the White House with an unstable marriage, is it fair to say it would have impacted his attention to business detail? His relationship with the President? His decision making acumen?

The real question becomes, “How can you – or HR – help your employees struggling when you may not even be aware that root cause is emanating from their personal life?” Under what circumstances is it appropriate to offer help based upon your observations that it could be personally driven that “something is not right”? What informal resources can you draw upon to offer support? Any formal ones you know about?

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