Being driven has its downside – here is an example of how more is less, and less is more:

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

“Before the Personalized Leadership Development Program, I considered my no-nonsense, driven style as part of how I showed dedication to my company. While my dedication now is every bit as strong if not stronger, I see evidence that my more relaxed demeanor is contributing to team dynamics that are more trust-based and cohesive. Every day I see proof that “less is more” – being LESS hard-driving equals MORE productive collaborating and higher morale for everyone including me. Additionally, I physically feel better. My back and shoulder pain from the stress I was carrying is now gone. My mind is calm and no longer constantly reeling from the simultaneous thoughts of “who, what, where, when and why.”  PLDP has dramatically helped my home life in the sense that I am more patient and considerate with my spouse. My life is now peaceful.”

Rachel Mitchell
Director of Client Development and Relations, Applied Medical Systems, Inc.