Bruce Springsteen is the best boss!

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Bruce has it down pat….he possesses great skills in motivation and leadership in his band that easily translate into leadership in the workplace.   Stew Friedman, professor at Wharton, points out the three strongest points for why Bruce Springsteen is the best boss. Read the full article here.

1. Devote yourself fully to your people and never let up

2. Create community by connecting people to something bigger than themselves

3. Appreciate what’s good; express optimism

Whether at work or at home, effective leaders are best when they are fully present in the moment and positive.  Leaders are most influential when they can draw people together for the greater good. You’ve shown great leadership prowess if you can create chores at home that translate into positive family teamwork, or engage employees positively in a big project that will positively impact the organization or community.

How do we measure up to Springsteen?  Our client feedback tells us we’re positive and fully in the moment while working for a strong common cause. Still, we’re careful not to get complacent, as we continue to earn their top appraisal.  Today’s touchdown does not win tomorrow’s game of being the best boss. How do you measure up to Springsteen?

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