Building Trust in Business by Trusting

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With a name like The Leadership Trust, we get a glimpse through our website analytics how many people are researching trust and leadership.  We even endorse a phenomenon we coined “the boomerang effect” that supports the notion that in giving trust you get it.  Some people may refer to this as the Law of Attraction, but no matter what you want to call it, BusinessWeek author, Dov Seidman, speaks of how to get what you want by giving it.  We all want loyal, trustworthy customers and employees, but are we willing to meet them halfway?  In this article, Seidman speaks of how a doughnut shop owner decided to let his customers make their own change from coins he left on the counter.  Read not only what happened profit-wise and otherwise from this seemingly small business maneuver, but also the more dramatic and riskier ones.  Even our most jaded skeptic may reconsider “it is in giving that we receive.”

Trust in leadership is a huge topic.  Our solid track record is evidence that we can help you with that.  In our Personalized Leadership Development Program, we offer unique and highly compelling processes that create, as a by-product, that much coveted trust with your employees and customers.  Our graduates speak to this in their testimonials.  In Siedman’s company, they tried meeting their employees half way during a restructuring process.  They found that by not requiring the formal approavl on the expense reports but instead used random report checks, there was less friction between managers and team members and more time to do their work.  Read about their striking restructuring results from their recently surveyed employees.

Don’t you want your employees to feel the same way?  Aren’t you glad there is a proven process to make it so?  Visit us and take that first step toward creating a culture of trust.

Source: BusinessWeek online

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