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Research shows Millennials favor training and development over all other employee benefits including bonuses.

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Pricewater Cooper’s survey interview with 1200 company leaders cross 69 countries offered this finding regarding our generation Y work associates. This is a retention and recruiting issue. With baby boomers retiring and Generation X filling their roles, there are multiple opportunities to prepare Generation Y candidates to subsume job responsibilities of the now-vacated Gen X […]

What you don’t know about Generations X and Y can hurt your bottom line

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Have you noticed that what motivates your baby boomer work associates may have a sizzling effect on your Generation X and Y team members or those younger than mid-40s? That’s because the leadership style of yesteryear that worked with baby boomers does not likewise invigorate our younger generational cohorts. Because of these generational differences, the […]

Counter Trend to the Generation Y Workplace Steretype?

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The “20-something” sitting next to me on a flight several months ago boldly proclaimed that he was in the perfect generation – Generation Y – to soar to the top of his Fortune-500 company. He went on to say that with the Generation Y work philosophy of “work to live” so prevalent across his cohorts, […]