De-compartmentalizing™: A New Frontier for Restoring Trust and Profit

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Either because it is misunderstood or unrecognized, de-compartmentalizing has yet to take its place at the forefront of expediting or restoring trust and therefore profit in the corporate world. Taken to the home front, de-compartmentalizing can restore devitalized relationships (love). So what is it? It starts with acknowledging that we as humans must stop compartmentalizing our home-self from work-self because the two are interwoven into the very fabric of our success ratio both personally and professionally.  Saying, “Just suck it up” is unrealistic for the (wo)man at work dealing with depression, hidden alcoholism, the messy divorce. It is also unrealistic for those at work who are responsible for both the wellbeing of the suffering employee AND the financials to look the other way and hope it will pass. It is reckless to wait and see simply because the solution seems beyond the confines of a work setting. The methodology involved in de-compartmentalizing offers a solid foundation for the creation and/or restoration of relationship trust and profit.

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