Dr. Holly Latty-Mann joins Ken Blanchard & Deepak Chopra in an upcoming release of Roadmap to Success

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America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies  

How do busy people become and stay successful? Insight Publishing is pleased to present Dr. Holly Latty-Mann, Ken Blanchard & Deepak Chopra in an exceptional compilation of resourceful people who will tell you how they learned how to be successful. They will share with you their secrets and reveal some remarkable insights on how to set goals in life and how to accomplish those goals.

Dr. Holly Latty-Mann, co-founder of The Leadership Trust®, is a well-established authority in the leadership and “loveship” industries. Armed with two doctorates in psychology with her dissertation on mate selection plus years of global success helping thousands of executives achieve breakthroughs via self-awareness processes, Holly nevertheless claims it is the wisdom from her own intensive personal work and faith journey that gives her an extra edge in her role as change agent.  Holly’s involvement on a grassroots committee for holistic, integrative medicine while interning at Duke Medical Center inspired her to rework this medical model to help people everywhere achieve breakthrough success both at work and at home.    

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