Dr. Latty-Mann transcends challenges of severe hearing loss, works to reduce stigma

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Durham- Dr. Holly Latty-Mann, CEO and co-founder of The Leadership Trust®, an organization dedicated to personalized leadership and self awareness development and training, will lead a team to support the inaugural North Carolina Walk4Hearing on Saturday Oct 3, at the Imperial Center in Durham.  Latty-Mann’s team raised over $2000 for the cause and she has shared her plight as a business executive who has triumphed over the daily challenges of severe hearing loss.

Seventeen years ago, Latty-Mann awoke one morning to a hearing quality that was equal to seeing only blurry-gray.  She had just arrived at Kent State to start her post doctorate in clinical psychology.  Diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, she was categorized in the severe hearing loss category, and was fitted with hearing aids.  Through the challenges of living in a world of warped sounds, Latty-Mann says her hearing loss has been an undeniable gift in several surprising ways, allowing her to excel in her professional and personal life.

“We are constantly striving to make hearing loss an issue of larger awareness,” said Latty-Mann.  “I hope that by sharing my story, others are inspired and motivated to support this cause that impacts nearly 32 million people in this country.  The funds raised at the Walk4Hearing will help people who are hearing “blurry-gray” but cant’ afford what most people tend to take for granted, adequate hearing.”

The Hearing Loss Association of North Carolina (HLA_NC) is the organizer of the Walk4Hearing event.  There is no registration fee to participate.

HLA_NC President, Michael Eury, praised Latty-Mann and The Leadership Trust team for their efforts.  “The more voices we have to advocate and work towards the goal of reducing the stigma and educating people about hearing loss, the better.  Dr. Latty-Mann’s story is truly inspirational and in her personal and professional life she is able to help others realize how a positive shift in the way we perceive misfortunes can be life changing,” Eury said.

For more information about the Walk4Hearing and the Hearing Loss Association, please visit this site.

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