Emotional Intelligence and Trust: Another Angle on Building Relationships

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Here is an excerpt from a September 26th Harvard Business Review article. “So how do you build client trust like this? You have to focus on listening. And I have observed two types of listeners: those who listen to respond and those who listen to listen. Let’s call the former the Encyclopedia and the latter the Empathizer. The Encyclopedia listens waiting to interrupt and tries to upstage the client with knowledge; he leaves the meeting proud of the wisdom or advice he imparted.  The Empathizer listens to understand issues, asks questions to “peel the onion,” and make the client comfortable and willing to share real concerns. The Empathizer leaves the meeting with the client asking for help on a specific assignment.”

In nutshell fashion this explains the cynicism surrounding the phrase “smartest guy in the room”. It explains the trite but oh-so-important saying “Nobody cares what you know until they know that you care.”

Can a person develop empathy that is not currently apparent? Yes, a resounding yes! The fastest way is through an intensive, immersive group experience (aka a workshop) created by Empathizers. In this way the environment is safe for its members to forge a genuine connection between their head and their heart or their right brain and their left brain. This is a real phenomenon.  Never give up hope when it comes to building relationships.

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