How Adults Achieve Happiness

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Happiness as a child is easy.  Happiness as an adult is more complicated.  In a recent survey of over 3,000 respondents, Marshall and Kelly Goldsmith, BusinessWeek Contributors, analyzed the connections between happiness and meaning at home and at work.  Their findings were clear-cut.  (Read the full article here.)   “There is an incredibly high correlation between people’s happiness and meaning at work and at home.”  According to their results, “the amount of time respondents spent solely on stimulating activities had no bearing on their satisfaction at work…Overall satisfaction at work increased only if both the amount of happiness and meaning experienced by employees simultaneously increased.”

As for the individual, what can you do to increase your happiness?  The authors suggest:

  1. Reducing TV watching
  2. Cutting back on surfing the Web for non-professional reasons.
  3. Do as few chores as you can.
  4. Spend time exercising and with people you love.
  5. Feeling challenged is linked to greater satisfaction, so challenge yourself.

The authors say that companies should stop asking, “What can the company do to increase employees’ experience of happiness and meaning at work” because it can encourage dependency.  Instead, company leaders should ask themselves, “What can I do to increase my experience of happiness and meaning at work?”  This can lead to a better commitment, potentially at a lower cost, than current plans.

We at The Leadership Trust® share the philosophy that work affects home and home affects work, and our programs are comprehensive in addressing both issues as evidenced by our graduates’ testimonials.   What do you do to increase your happiness at home and at work?

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