How Women Strengthen Companies

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Harvard Business Review Blog author, Sylvia Ann Hewlett writes, “In researching my forthcoming book, Top Talent: Keeping Performance Up When Business Is Down, we found that in the wake of last year’s financial crash, high-powered women were more than twice as likely as men- 84 percent compared with 40 percent- to be seriously thinking [of] jumping ship.  And when the head and hear are out the door, the rest of the body is sure to follow.”

Hewlett goes on to write about the benefits of having women in management helps prevent group-think, opens lines of communication with direct managers, and thinking and acting strategically for their careers.  Intel has created specialized workshops for their most “at-risk population: mid-level female engineers.”  Read the full article here.

It is apparent that having a balance of both genders in the workplace is important to the success of any organization.  Maintaining and retaining the best talent, whether men or women, is always and important piece of a strategic mission.  The Leadership Trust® can help by providing customized group training events to help prevent the loss of great talent in your organization.  Contact Us today about customized-to-your-needs programs.  We can help your team of men and women unleash their full potential!

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