Hypnosis is more than you think

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Hypnosis isn’t about getting people to do crazy things, it’s about getting people over their own stumbling blocks so they can achieve their personal best.  Teacher and hypnosis coach, David Grinstead says,”I’m an educator, and I teach (people) a skill that they can use the rest of their life.”

Grinstead’s hypnosis helps people with sales skills (including selling yourself), career goals, motivation, confidence, public speaking, weight control, and smoking, among many others.  See the full list of services on David’s website.

Grinstead joined The Leadership Trust® as an adjunct faculty member in September 2009.  He sees clients in Burlington and Durham.  Of his joining the TLT team, Doc Holly says, “We’re excited to offer David’s hypnosis services as part of our expanding programs.  We aim to help people in not only leadership, but in their daily lives as well.  Hypnosis fits naturally into our expansion plans.”

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