Leaders Can Lighten Up

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

In the tough economic times we’ve all been experiencing, it’s easy to see why some leaders feel the need to “hunker down” to pull their company, manager, and teams out of this slump.  John Baldoni, leadership expert and established author, writes about how leaders need to “Lighten Up!” in his recent post on the Harvard Business Review blog.  He says leaders should relax their mood, create humor, and keep their door open to help establish an enjoyable, and therefore fun work environment for their organizations.  Read the full article here.

Our office recently took a half day off to hear Baldoni in person.  In a public exchange with him, he personally acknowledged The Leadership Trust®for allowing work associates to determine the nature of creating fun in the office.  Our Personalized Leadership Development Program can offer you support in creating the necessary leadership dynamics to enjoy the benefits that Baldoni covers in his blog post.  We can help you understand how you can go from great to greater for your team and help pull everyone through the economic crisis without the “shoulder to the wheel” approach.  See Graduate Videos and/or read some of our signature Graduate Testimonials to see what ROI takeaways they received from their experience with The Leadership Trust®.  We welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations!  The Leadership Trust®: Impacting Relationships to Impact Bottom Line.

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