Leadership in action

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

There is a lot of research and advice about how to be a good leader.  Many people distingish a difference between leadership and management in many forms, the most succint of that being: Leadership is an attitude, management is a position.

Leaders are said to motivate, enhance, listen, and guide their businesses in directions that ultimately lead to success- whatever your measure may be.  Leaders are the ones focused on doing right things.

This article from the Wall Stree Journal below represents just that.  Author Raymund Flandez, takes us readers through some great stories of small businesses that are listening to their employees, and even in this tough economic climate, are able to motivate them and still guide their businesses toward success. 

Small Businesses Work Hard to Prevent Layoffs Companies Try Several Tactics to Avoid Cuts Such as Asking Workers to a Take Day Off Without Pay, Trimming Hours


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