My Near Death Experience – The Making of a Better Me

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

On November 17, 2011 I found myself trapped in my car after a driver lost control of her car in a 70 MPH zone on I-40 and crossed over the median hitting the driver in front of me, whereupon both vehicles hit me at full impact. Coming to a screeching halt within nanoseconds of the speed limit left me counting my blessings when I could see the tragic loss of life within mere feet of my car.  With nearly 80 health-care appointments behind me along with my first post-wreck workshop, I can say that I am a better me. This does not mean I am back to baseline to previous functioning along with some valuable expenses to draw upon for future reference. What it means is that I experienced an internal shift within myself that I really like. My personal faith has deepened right along with my appreciation for some of life’s smallest matters only because I elect to attend to them. I manage stressful events better than before, and create time for others when there is absolutely nothing in it for me other than the pure pleasure of giving. What’s especially interesting about all this is the fact that I would have described myself before the accident exactly as what I just wrote. The difference is all in degrees, which is exactly what separates good leaders from great ones.  Foregoing a life threatening situation, what else can give people that 212th degree that takes them to a whole new level?



3 responses to “My Near Death Experience – The Making of a Better Me”

  1. Lance says:

    So, so glad to hear that you are okay from this experience. Life is precious. And it’s all too easy to not always remember that in our day to day – until something comes that reaches to our core.

    And I know that you are all the things you’ve said above – you are a caring and wonderful soul. So, to know you’ve taken this even to a greater level – what a gift that is…for you and for all those you touch…

  2. Leslie Bessellieu says:

    Holly, your perspective is so inspiring! As you well know, so many people would be emotionally paralyzed by such an event. I’m thankful not only that God spared your life, but that you’ve chosen to be even more mindful of the small but vital lessons that are around us daily. Reading experiences like yours helps me appreciate not only the frailty of life but compels me to continue to experience and live life to the fullest. I’m more determined tto “practice what I preach” so to speak and share my gifts with others sooner, rather than later!

  3. Jay Schimke says:

    Good 4 you! Thanks 4 sharing your ‘Life’ story as ‘well’.
    Lots of people are discovering & learning how to embrace life in new ways.
    Thanks 4 your positive, authentic, supportive, encouraging example.
    Continue to ‘LIVE WELL’ ….