Olympic sized Leadership

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

As the 2010 Olympic games approach, we invite you to watch the games with a new perspective- as a leader.  The opening ceremonies are a great example of what it looks like when great resources-human capital– of different kinds, different backgrounds, and different origins come together to achieve a common goal.

Olympic coaches and successful leaders are both familiar with performance management.  As a leader, that is our job.  We are responsible for getting all the pieces of our organization to fit together cohesively for the success of everyone.  We are tasked with developing our resources-  our human capital– to the best of their ability, so they can compete in the marketplace for us.  Much like the Olympic athletes have undergone many years of training, we too, should put in the time for our employees to develop and to grow in their skills so they are at their best.

So let’s all watch the 2010 Olympic games with a new appreciation for what it takes to be a good leader!  To learn more about the 2010 Olympic games, visit the official website.

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