Oxytocin and Trust: Worried You Don’t Have The “Right Chemistry?”

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

There are articles going viral suggesting in order to have a sense of comfort trusting others, you have to have a certain oxytocin level present within your bloodstream. For decades psychologists and other behavioral scientists have known that when we practice new behaviors, we influence our body chemistry and brain wave activity. These scientists can actually show before-and-after slides depicting behavioral changes within one’s brain based solely upon these new behaviors. This strongly suggests our relationship DNA is pliable. If you want to be more trusting, then practice trusting others. Over time, it’ll feel natural, and when it does, that means your “re-wiring” is complete for this new behavior called “trusting others.” And in case you are wondering, you can still remain selective regarding whom to trust. So, see what happens when you trust first, especially for those of you who can tell that people tend to be a bit reticent to trust you. Your life can only get better.