Roadmap to Success


Roadmap to Success

By Dr. Holly Latty-Mann, Ken Blanchard,
Deepak Chopra, et al!


This anthology represents an exceptional compilation of 18 resourceful authors, anchored by Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra, with the goal of describing how you can unleash your full human potential from multiple angles, insights, and methodologies. Author interviews by Insight Publishing culminated in Roadmap to Success.

Dr. Holly Latty-Mann’s Chapter 9 (The Four Channels:  All You Are is All You Need) shares the holistic model of leadership that extended the work of her co-founding partner, the late Dr. Jim Farr. Packed with wisdom from her work covering decades with thousands who represent the corporate race, you will find specifics regarding what holds us back and what takes us forward along with the dynamics involved in the actual change process. Remnants of her dissertation make an argument for the etiology of how we do our life.

Holly is currently writing her solo book entitled The Anatomy of Trust that offers remarkable insights into the trust factor that determines whether a company or a professional or personal relationship “thrives or dives”. People tend to behave according to earlier versions of their life story, and the impact is enormous on how they do their leadership  – and “loveship”. The power of change fuels “hope with a backbone”.

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