The Biology of Belief

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Your reality if a function of your beliefs.  You create your life according to the program (beliefs) in your mind, both conscious and unscious.  Some of these “programs” are negative and self-sabotaging and operate automatically to interfere with the happiness and success you seek to create in your life.  You cannot control that of which you are unaware.  The crux of this leadership workshop is to bring those negative “programs” into awareness and under your control.

Your Mind– Your mind is a marvelous bio-computer, into which thousands of tapes, programs, and beliefs about life, leadership, love, and survival are programmed.  You must first identify which viruses are in your bio-computer before you can eradicate them.

Your Body– How well you use your body, your health, and your energy determines the degree to which people respond positively to your “delivery system.”  You must identify 1) what people are reading as negative in your body language, 2) and where you house stressors in your body, and what to do about both.

Your Emotions– Learn what is considered optimal use of emotion as well as how to control negative emotions such as anger.  You need to idetify what it is that your anger is covering up in order to identify the triggers an manage the emotions.

Join us at The Leadership Trust® to learn more about how to bring all of these elements into a harmonious relationship using your mind, body, emotion, and spirit. 

TIME MAGAZINE’s cover story from Feb. 23, 2009 showcases how belief is good for your health.  Read it here.  The Biology of Belief

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