The Other Bill Clinton

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

When the boss asks you to come in on a weekend for a big project your department is working on, what is your response?  “Sorry, but I have my son’s soccer game.  I can’t do it.”  Or, “My daughter’s birthday is this weekend, I won’t be able to come in.”

That was Bill Clinton’s response when he was approached by VP Al Gore about some light days on his calendar after failing to attend an APEC economic summit.  When questioned by Gore, Clinton’s response showed to what degree his role as father to Chelsea would take precedence- he was going to help her with her college exams.  Read the full story here.

We all strive to create an appropriate balance between work and home, a balance between our professional obligations and our personal devotion to our families.  It’s often a challenging road determining whether our balance either sacrifices family or over-indulges them.  We are interested in your opinion if Clinton’s commitment to his daughter for college exams was appropriate or not.

The Leadership Trust is known to offer professional development through personal development and has helped many professionals determine how best to create this balance.  Our graduates tell us that they leave with a peaceful knowingness that was not there before regarding this balance.  This intuitive feel you develop is the result of making a connection between your head and your heart and is an important factor in being more productive and efficient at work so you don’t have to go in on Saturday, big project or not.

When you are at peace about what is the right thing to do with time spent between work and home, your communication is open and honest, and your team is more motivated, thereby making the work experience less laborious.  People are therefore bound to be happier both at work and at home.  And isn’t that what life is all about anyway?

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