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Barbara Ford-Latty, MA, RN, CHTP Executive Director

Barbara Ford-Latty, MA, RN, CHTP
Executive Director

Barbara Ford-Latty is all about balance. She balances traditional medicine with alternative approaches. Read complete bio.

After a successful stint heading up a corporate leadership program with the Colonial Williamsburg Hospitality Group and Sonesta Hotels, Ford-Latty began constructing her own brand of corporate wellness with focus on personal health issues within the context of corporate stress and relationships. This initiative evolved into a wellbeing program; it does not reinvent the wheel that is already out there.

A Wellesley Phi Beta Kappa graduate, Barbara took what may appear to be a seemingly discrepant discipline of architecture and translated concepts of physical balance within our environment to that of our inner balance. Her complementary master’s level specialization in energy work produces results one can actually feel, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. We here at The Leadership Trust® tell her she is in the business of inner peace.

There is a bit of a glut in the market for corporate wellness programs, and some are quite impressive and rock-solid [e.g., faculty member, Donald E. Williams, PhD, LP, ABPP, FACHP].  As executive director, Barbara  therefore sought to provide supplementary services where there exist some gaps, all the while embracing the combinational traditional/alternative approaches to wellbeing. So notice we’re speaking to wellbeing as a supplement to wellness.

Going beyond diet, exercise, and meditation are the holistic, integrative elements of energy work. Our goal here is to provide something new to you that is as tried-and -true as our self-awareness programs, while maintaining the integrity of those concepts and processes that have delivered results since the inception of The Leadership Trust®.

As indicated, many of these concepts have been incorporated within our various leadership models for years because we believe each person is the instrument of his or her leadership – and loveship – and thus must be open to examining and discovering strengths along with what’s keeping those strengths from full expression. Our job at The Center is to take those discoveries and create and execute a viable personalized plan, a plan that is holistic and integrative in nature, but most importantly, one that honors what is basic to any pathway to wholeness. Akin theoretically to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, energy work purports that unless one engages in working through the basics, his or her success ratio in other endeavors will be compromised.

What makes this approach holistic and integrative? Holistic approaches ensure the person is treated in a unified manner, placing combinational focus on mind, body, emotions, and spirit. The Center for Life and Living is the answer for where The Leadership Trust® had a void – the physical body…you know, that place where you hold stress, that place that can not only distract your mind from productive directions but also distract your emotions from the joy and aliveness that is your birth right. When the body is housing negative energy from the stressors of life, it places a ceiling on not only on what one can create and accomplish mentally but also on what one can experience emotionally. Emotional wellbeing acts as an affirmation to both your mental and physical wellbeing.

So how do we actually engage you? We first have you complete a form that will help us zero in on the nature of any imbalance. We then collaborate with you to create your own personalized wholeness plan from a menu of options, acknowledging what is working and not working in your life. Applying energy work with knowledge of those elements that either support or interfere with your sense of inner peace and quiet joy, results in greater clarity of direction. Energy work does not require that you do anything other than allow holistic alignment to take place while you rest and do nothing. [Notice how that concept of “nothingness” is a key self-awareness component.]

You may or may not opt for a personalized wellbeing plan.  You may decide to simply go for the energy work. You will be the ultimate decision maker, as we respect your lifestyle factors of time, money, and choices. Still, you can choose amongst individual work to group work (the latter comprising anything from less-than-a-day classroom didactics to multi-day experiential relationship workshops). Consider bringing us into your corporate environment so everyone can benefit from learning how to better manage stress, health, and relationships. The Center for Life and Living team can learn ahead of time what your “corporate temperature” is from an anonymous online survey, offering a corporate “diagnosis,” from which we formulate a corporate wellbeing plan. OK, give me the details!

Our approach is collaborative. This is not something we do to you; we instead collaborate with you so you can have confidence with the outcome. Want to get started?

For more information and/or to have someone contact you, indicate areas of interest below:

  • One-on-one clinical sessions: energy work
  • Coaching: Life, Leadership/Executive, Relationships, Family, Business
  • Workshops in a group setting. Whether onsite with corporate team or offsite with strangers: Relationship awareness, Couple Awareness, Self-Awareness, Personal Health and Balance Awareness, Rejuvenation Work (for those 55+ years old)
  • References from clients paired with above stated interests.