Three C’s of Leadership Learned in Kindergarten

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Bnet blog writer, CC Holland, experienced her first child going to kindergarten last week.  In the chaos surrounding the first days of school, she realized that there are Three C’s of Leadership learned in kindergarten.

Holland writes about poor communication, a lack of collaboration, and no commiseration in her blog post.  Read the full post here.

Communication– “It doesn’t take much to proactively keep people in the loop, and it pays off big time with a calmer, more prepared team.”

Collaboration– “If you aren’t collaborating with your team- working together to solve problems, encouraging give and take, respecting their comments and concerns and valuing their contributions- then you’re actively disengaging them.”

Commiseration– “When you’re asking a lot of your employees but can’t reward them with raises, tell them you know it stinks, but you appreciate their hard work.  Put yourself in their shoes on a regular basis and ask yourself what you can do to show you care about them.”

The Leadership Trust values these same 3 issues Holland mentions in her blog post.  We see two major issues in those seeking leadership development: (1) Some leaders are too harsh in their direct style and thus need help with soft skills/people skills (we tell kindergartners to “just be nice”) or (2) Certain other leaders struggle with appropriate confrontation and thus need help with self-assertiveness (kindergartners are great at just telling it like it is).

Communication deficiencies are often the reason why leaders fail, and why we have developed specializations through programs and on-site consulting to help you with that. 

As for collaboration, we treat each interaction with our clients as a collaboration in excellence.  It’s the best and only way to ensure all needs are met so that results from our training events exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Empathy is the word we use for Holland’s Commiseration, and we use processes designed to connect your head with your heart, thereby catapulting your intellectual gifts to a whole new level while simultaneously engaging team members in a way that enhances their feeling valued and appreciated.

Learn more about our unique Personalized Leadership Development Program.  We consider it a privilege to play a role in taking you from great to greater!

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