Two Basic Must-Haves to Building a Culture of Trust

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Building a culture of trust in any organization requires engagement of a nature with fellow employees that inspires credibility. First, it does not matter how remarkable your action items you share with others unless you personally communicate in a way that creates buy-in. People high in emotional intelligence consistently create buy-in, but many people still do not grasp the operational definition of emotional intelligence. I like to simplify this concept by saying, “To what degree would you like to go for a cup of coffee with a fellow employee?” The degree to which you would enjoy this person’s company is likely the degree to which they exude some degree of emotional intelligence. It’s also an additional way one might look at whether or not to hire someone to join his or her team.

Secondly, with your emotionally intelligent communication style, you need to share action items or simply educate your fellow employees regarding how they can inspire trust. For example,

1) Go public when expressing gratitude; go private when expressing disappointment.

2) When brainstorming, focus on what will work or not, rather than who is right or wrong.

Visit Trust Across America-Trust Around the World! to access the remaining 47 action items and their respective authors.  Then invite your fellow employees to add to your list to be posted in various public places like the lounge or lobby.