A Unique Angle on Leadership Through Perceptions Management

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Have you ever known someone who was color blind? They might see gray for green or red.  That is their reality, and they will not budge in their perception of that which they are seeing (at least not until they learn they are color blind!).

So it is with the lenses through which we view others. That employee who sees through his lens of negativity or her lens of judgmentalism is certain that his or her views represent reality. I call these people “human viruses” because they infect others within the organizations by either demoralizing or dehumanizing them.

Some people are nicely immune to these “human viruses” by avoiding interactions with them at any cost, even at the expense of ultimately hurting the bottom line. After all, you have to work with certain others to get the job done.

So how do you get the human virus to peer into the psychological mirror? Too often their negativity and judgmentalism have served the purpose of warding off honest feedback. Be on the lookout for subsequent blogs speaking to the issue of how to get negative people to see themselves through the eyes of others.

But first, imagine a company culture where people see one another through lenses of trust.

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