Want to Improve your Parenting? Seek Out This Approach to Leadership Training

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Before Murdoch purchased the Wall Street Journal, the Journal engaged in a rigorous selection process to identify the best MBA programs in the world. IMD of Switzerland was known to take 1st and 2nd places on a consistent basis.  Why? Their approach to leadership development produced not just great managers, but even greater leaders. Their approach? Each graduate student was allowed a minimum of 20 sessions with a psychoanalyst, who specializes in showing how your relationships within your family-of-origin influence the quality of your later interpersonal dynamics with others at work and at home.

IMD’s graduates developed a depth of understanding how they were programmed and wired behaviorally from their early years, thereby sensitizing them as parents to notice how they have inadvertently allowed unwanted behavioral patterns to manifest in their own children.   Only then can parents take corrective actions to help their children excel in job roles and intimacy later on in life.

Assuming you can’t suddenly stop your life and enroll in a graduate program (much less a transatlantic program for some), you can ask these questions as you go about identifying a similarly effective short course in leadership development:

  • Does your leadership workshop address constructive feedback within the context of how these behaviors came into being?
  • Do you get at root cause regarding how these behaviors manifested?
  • What is your philosophy regarding transformation?
  • How do you support your graduates upon their return to ensure lasting positive change?
  • Do you offer a tuition-guaranteed program? If so, what is expected of me in such an offer?

Some managers may not be personally motivated for self-improvement, may not see they need it, or may tend to blame their organizational malcontent on others or the culture.  However, almost all managers are motivated to help their children have a better work and personal life where relationships are concerned. It is in helping yourself that you help your children. If everyone did this, we would see corporate cultures improve across subsequent generations.

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