Want new leaders? Start early!

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Want to grow a better crop of leaders?  Start by selecting the right seeds, watering the garden, removing the weeds and in a season or two, you’ll have a bumper crop of ready-to-harvest leaders.” – Dan McCarthy

Developing the leaders within your company begins at their hire date.  To truly gain the most from your emerging leaders, start early with creating and implementing a program that recognizes the potential leaders.  Leadership expert, Dan McCarthy, calls it a “pre-leadership” program. Read his article.

McCarthy wrote, How to Develop a Leadership Preparation Program, in which he lists “the benefits of a “pre-leadership” program, or leadership preparation program, are:

1. Shorter learning curves for newly promoted managers.

2. Improved opportunities to assess high potential management candidates; which leads to better selection.

3. Better career choices- which leads to improved satisfaction and job fit.

4. Improved ability to recruit employees that are looking for leadership development opportunities.”

The Leadership Trust can be a integral part of your “pre-leadership” and leadership programs for your company.  People who graduate from our Personalized Leadership Development Program are better able to identify other potential leaders in your company.  Through our customized consulting programs, we can work with you to develop a highly effective “pre-leadership” program tailored to your unique needs and goals.  Contact us today!  Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

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