Welcome to the new website!

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Welcome to our leadership blog! As part of our newly designed website, we wanted to incorporate a way to keep leadership discussions open amongst our program graduates as well as invite new viewers to participate- and the blog is born!

Today, I wanted to simply post an insightful quote to stimulate your thinking about leadership. Lynn Hall said, “we do not change as we grow older; we just become more clearly ourselves.” On the other hand, my mother used to say, “Some of us mature, while the rest of us just have birthdays.”

Authentic leadership is all about “becoming clearly ourselves,” and that assumes we’re maturing as we grow older. And both of these concepts involve a good dose of self-awareness, something that tends to be a bit too deficient as folks go about their daily lives.

I invite you all to post your successes and challenges as they relate to leading from your authentic self. I say we can learn even more from our challenges when we garner the courage to work through them; then over time we realize that it’s now a new habit that no longer takes courage. We all stand to be surprised at what happens when we allow ourselves to be truly authentic in both our words and actions.

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