What you don’t know about Generations X and Y can hurt your bottom line

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Have you noticed that what motivates your baby boomer work associates may have a sizzling effect on your Generation X and Y team members or those younger than mid-40s? That’s because the leadership style of yesteryear that worked with baby boomers does not likewise invigorate our younger generational cohorts. Because of these generational differences, the leadership industry has undergone a bit of a Zeitgeist within the last two decades, given we are a marketdriven industry and are now working with a preponderance of Generation X and Y work associates representing anyone from the C-Suite throughout all ranks within the organization.

Picture this. You hire a bright, promising Generation X or Y member to your team and find within a very short period of time, this person seems to be losing steam. While there can be multiple variables in play here to potentially explain this nosedive phenomenon, Saratoga Institute reports that 80% of turnover is related to unsatisfactory relationships with the boss. Anytime you have a turnover problem or a boss problem, you have a leadership problem. The cost of an investment in leadership training pales when compared to the cost of attrition. Shop wisely – your goal is to impact relationships to impact bottom line.