What We Do

Putting it succinctly, we build leaders from the inside out, from a place within that holds promise for positive change to be both lasting and noticeably impactful.

In addition to our highly acclaimed Personalized Leadership Development Programs™, The Leadership Trust® offers customized on-site organizational development programs, onsite or offsite team-building retreats, leadership impact studies and corporate culture studies. We also offer executive coaching and executive life skills coaching. Through our Center for Life and Living, we have adjunct faculty who have specializations in career coaching for clients of all ages (e.g., your adolescent or adult children).

You may be seeking executive leadership training from a developmental perspective, which may include being groomed for a promotion/succession planning or simply enhancing an already promising style. Or you may be seeking executive leadership training from an intervention perspective, which may include issues regarding interpersonal or people skills, self-confidence issues, morale and retention boosters, ethics, or some kind of strained or ineffectual communication style. Find out whether you – or the team members you have in mind – need support from either a leadership development or intervention perspective. Either way, you will find help within this site as well as through talking with one of our seasoned, knowledgeable faculty members, 888-313-2570.

In the event you may be seeking organizational development consulting or strategies for corporate teambuilding, these are customized processes and programs, and we therefore invite you to visit our Contact Us page so that you can alert us to respond to your special request. After our phone conversation with you, you will receive a follow-up email summarizing the various approaches to supporting your needs, which you can then discuss with your other key decision makers before confirming your desired action plan.

But for those of you who seek a leadership (individual focus rather than organizational focus) training program that is tailored to your current needs and situation, the following represents what you can expect through our hallmark Personalized Leadership Development Program® (PLDP), which includes the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop. Both workshops were originally designed by the co-founders of The Leadership Trust®, the late Dr. Jim Farr and our current president, Dr. Holly Latty-Mann: Program Offerings

Other Program Offerings:  

1) Refresher courses for our graduates as well as
2) Customized onsite/offsite leadership programs based upon “cherry-picked” workshop components
3) Customized onsite/offsite communication (includes assessments) programs,
4) Relationship courses with (or without) one’s spouse or partner
5) Self-awareness/emotional intelligence workshops for family members of our graduates, and
6) Next-step customized programs.

We provide problem-solving, organizational development programs for leaders dealing with on the-job challenges.  These on-site organizational development activities may or may not be extended to include leadership impact studies, corporate teambuilding programs, corporate culture studies and both executive coaching and executive life skills coaching.

Our most basic objective is your personal transformation, because your most potent leadership tool is your “self” or your personality, which is why leadership begins in the mind and personality of the individual in order to nurture effective team dynamics, which becomes the basis of organizational business success. It also explains why the most successful onsite organizational development programs start at the individual level within a team setting before addressing the team dynamics, and culminating in organizational improvement projects.

Leadership prowess requires self-mastery. You must first learn how to master and lead yourself before you can lead others. The first step in this entire process is self-awareness, because the degree to which you optimize both your image and impact on others is reflected by the degree to which you are aware of how you make best use of your personality’s three avenues of expression – your mind, body, and emotions. The fourth dimension of this holistic approach – the master avenue – is introduced the first night of the Personalized Leadership Development Program™ and is the power behind the interconnections among your mind, body, and emotions thereby establishing itself as the cornerstone to personal and professional transformation, thereby making your workplace and family home inviting and even fun even during challenging times. This is emotional intelligence at its best. Because work affects home and vice versa, this translates into higher morale, productivity, revenue, and inner peace.