Emotional Intelligence Workshop Details

Four Specific Details and Three Options

  1. The Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop is subsumed within the Personalized Leadership Development Program™ (PLDP), therefore, the PLDP registrants automatically receive the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop as part of their program.
  2. A weekend format is presented in response to demand, normally once a year. Interested? Say YES!
  3. It is also offered along with a partial scholarship for family members of our PLDP grads who do not have a company to cover their expenses.
  4. You have THREE OPTIONS from which to choose.

Who Attends

Typically 8 individuals enrolled in the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop represent people who seek development or intervention or both.  Additionally, for some attendees, they:

May be at a crossroads in his or her personal or professional life (e.g., new job role, impending divorce or finding communication skills at times can create misunderstandings).

May have had a spouse or friend or relative go through the 5-day program and may seek only the self-awareness/emotional intelligence portion of that workshop.

Are interested in going to the next deeper level in their quest for self-mastery, spirituality, and emotional intelligence (you cannot go to the next higher level without going to the next deeper level).

  • May describe themselves as feeling “stuck” or “in a rut” at work and/or at home.
  • Are seeking to enhance their people skills, such as appropriate confronting or conflict resolution
  • Represent a company for whom the cost of the 5-day program is beyond the budget for that particular individual (sometimes the case for middle managers).
  • Seek more meaningful relationships or wish to develop the capacity for greater intimacy.
  • Seek a deeper understanding of and connectedness with the interplay of their mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
  • Seek self-improvement through investing in self as the instrument of their leadership as well as those relationships beyond the work setting.
  • Need to hone their emotional intelligence in order to maintain their competitive edge in our fast-shifting market place.
  • Are motivated for more and for better and wish to invest in themselves for a better future.
  • Represent those individuals whose family stressors interfere with work and vice versa.

Participants may represent various proportions of a mix of experienced executives, managers and staff leaders from a broad range of organizations as well as persons from the community on a personal quest for self-improvement. We have found that this offers a more robust quality to this kind of program and attributes to our extraordinarily high ratings. After all, regardless of your work function or title, you work with people beyond your own area and beyond your own job role within your own organization and beyond.

The Schedule

The two-and-a-half-day Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop is only offered in the weekend format and typically twice a year (spring and fall). As such, we encourage you to “put your name in the pot”. The weekend format runs from Friday evening through Sunday early evening.

Timeframe for the two and a half days of Self-Awareness: The first day begins at 7 o’clock in the evening and ends around midnight. The second day begins at 9:30 am and ends anytime between 8 and 9 pm, and the third day begins at 9:30 am and ends between 5:30 pm and 7 pm.


All of the programs are held in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Specific information regarding the location and accommodations will be provided at the time of initial inquiry or registration. Due to the nature of the program, participants are asked to reside at the hotel or conference center prescribed by The Leadership Trust® to obtain maximum benefits from the program.


Program fees vary according to whether you register for a weekend workshop, a 3-day, a 4-day, or the 5-day PLDP within which the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop is subsumed. Contact us for specifics. Additionally, you will want to learn if you qualify for a scholarship, a scout rate, group rate or special packet rate with payments over time without interest. Representing a non-profit automatically qualifies you for a partial scholarship. Different conference centers’ rates can also impact our own. Our job is to work with you to make it financially possible for you to attend the program of your choice. Call Rachel at 888.313.2570 or email her [email protected] so that she can work with you according to your budgetary parameters.  There is something for everyone.

The Leadership Trust® reserves the right to change the program cost, content, cancellation policy, dates and agenda at any time.

Ninety-eight percent of our participants describe this leadership training program as the best workshop they have ever experienced, and we attribute this rating primarily due to our intellectual property, but also due in part to our small group size residing at the prescribed conference center throughout the length of the program. This affords the necessary, intensive focus underlying our graduates’ testimonials.

Upon completion of the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop (or PLDP), and after having followed our registration requirements and program guidelines, if you are not satisfied with your higher level of self-awareness, we will refund the tuition portion of your payment. Not a single graduate from the inception of The Leadership Trust® has requested even a partial refund, and 98% of our graduates describe our programs as the best training throughout their career.