Emotional Intelligence Workshop Overview

The Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop is for the purpose of allowing you to discover and uncover aspects of your personality that had been interfering with your relationships and therefore your performance and life satisfaction. The ultimate goal of self-awareness is self-trust, thereby ultimately creating trustworthiness in others’ eyes. Your also hone your ability to determine others’ trustworthiness.

How can you know what you don’t know or be aware of that of which you are unaware? This workshop is designed to work at root-cause level, which of course is the subconscious, the place that houses specific beliefs operating as false beliefs, only your mind does not recognize them as false. Upon bringing these self-defeating (and thus other-defeating) beliefs into your conscious awareness, you are now able to manage them by identifying/short-circuiting them in real time.

This workshop is not only subsumed within the Personalized Leadership Development Program™ (PLDP) but is also offered in a self-contained weekend format typically twice a year.  Therefore, the PLDP registrants automatically receive the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop as part of their 5-day program.

You can opt for a 3-day or a 4-day Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop. By adding the 5th day, you have elected our hallmark Personalized Leadership Development Program™ (PLDP).  Important note: Those opting for the shorter programs oftentimes wish they had registered for an extended program.  No pressure from us – take your pick! For a course description of each, Read More.

The Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop is also offered with a partial scholarship to family members of our PLDP graduates. We encourage those with no familiarity with our Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop (i.e. knows no one who has experienced it) to let us walk you through how it unfolds content-wise and process-wise, so that you can make an informed decision about “good fit” for you. We believe the success of any program is proper mindset. It creates a sense of comfort and security, which is key to any successful experience.

The Concept

Because what you don’t know can hurt you, self-awareness is the key to a happy life and to highly effective leadership. Becoming aware takes your gifts and talents to a whole new level, because the process of becoming aware allows whatever is holding you back to dissipate and dissolve. Leadership prowess and relationship harmony require self-mastery, so you must first learn to master and lead yourself before you can lead and engage others. First step has to be self-awareness. After all, if you don’t know, you can’t fix.

This unique leadership workshop engages your mind, body, and emotions in a way that makes it possible for you to experience yourself through others’ eyes without a defensive posture. While mainstream leadership development training programs often times offer a view of leadership in an objective manner (i.e., via readings/questions/answers, lectures, and movie clips), this leadership workshop is more subjective and experiential; thus, it is highly focused on you, the participant, such that you become the main star in the movie of your own life.

This is to say that it is easier to learn through this experiential leadership workshop how to become the best you rather than how to emulate someone else who is being held up as a model. After all, it’s only when you are being yourself, the “real you,” that others find you authentic and trustworthy.

The Basic Approach: Holistic and Integrative

You create your life according to the programs (beliefs) in your mind, both conscious and unconscious. Some of these “programs” are negative and self-sabotaging and operate automatically to interfere with the happiness and success you intentionally seek to create in your life. You cannot control that of which you are unaware. The crux of this leadership workshop is to bring those interfering “programs” into awareness and under your control so that they can no longer sabotage from your subconscious.

You have both positive and negative programs operating in your mind (your bio-computer) at any given time. The reason the negative programs are there in your subconscious is because it has been your basic nature from your earliest years to take control of painful, negative experiences and eliminate them from your life. You do this by pushing them into the unaware part of your mind starting at an age typically prior to your memories.

These programs nevertheless continue to operate with as much gusto as those of which you are aware, thereby creating unintended dynamics within your communications with others that can leave you and/or them blindsided. So that is why we say, “What you don’t know can – and does continue – to hurt you.” Once you bring those negative or interfering programs into your conscious mind, you can take action to change them. Otherwise, they get to continue operating unconsciously. As such, you will keep doing what you’ve been doing, and keep getting what you’ve been getting, all the while saying you wish to change.

The purpose of this leadership workshop is to enable you to bring those programs into your full awareness, so that you can get their negative effects out of your life and experience the difference. The basic approach is holistic: Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.

Your Mind – Your mind is a marvelous bio-computer, into which thousands of tapes, programs, and beliefs about life, leadership, love and survival are programmed. You are the programmer of your personality and the creator of the nature of your existence. Like most people, you unconsciously operate much of your life on automatic, as if all your programmed beliefs represent the absolute truth. You can reprogram your mind to negate negative outcomes and create positive ones. This leadership workshop lets you examine how you constructed your own unique belief system that drives your behaviors, both positive and negative, thereby driving your profit margin and life satisfaction accordingly.

Your Body – How well you use your body, your health and your energy determines the degree to which you project a positive image and energy. We are not just physical beings. We are energy. Most people are unaware of the limitations imposed by their unconscious stress and tensions that are held within their body. A simple way of putting this is that such stress can compromise in subtle ways – and not so subtle (e.g., anger and frustration) – your leadership effectiveness. It can undermine professional relationships that may otherwise represent your path to success. In this leadership workshop you will learn how to discover these subtle manifestations of your stress. Only then can you change in ways that will enable you to influence others more credibly and compellingly.

Your EmotionsAlthough some people believe that emotions are simply a natural part of their leadership expression and thereby naturally express themselves, there are others who believe that there is no place for emotions in a work setting or in personal relationships. The fact is that emotions play an important and unavoidable part in how you create your life. Learn what is considered optimal use of emotion as well as how to control negative emotions such as anger. People too often give away their power through non-strategic use of their emotions. Many people in personal relationships and people in leadership roles lose the power to handle their emotions well because they are cut off from emotion to a degree that interferes with their ability to communicate well and accurately or project themselves in positive ways. That is why so often for some people anger takes over as if it had a life of its own either by lashing out of shutting down. This leadership workshop aims to help you learn how to identify, use and control your emotions in support of your professional and personal purposes in life. Unbridled childlike joy is a birthright most people have long forgotten.

Your Spirit – Your Spirit is your Master Channel from which you orchestrate and direct at will to your three lesser channels (Mind, Body, and Emotions). Identify your specific barriers that block your free-flowing Source Energy, thereby undermining your sense of social ease and knowingness, easy judgments, and confident decision-making. You will know when you have unblocked obstructions to your Master Channel because you will be less inclined to second-guess or ruminate while more inclined to experience a more meaningful human connectedness with others.

In Summary – Because this program is personalized, we meet each person where he or she is in life. We are all works in progress, and some are more along the path to total authenticity than others. We respect your unique journey and acknowledge that it is our job to create a safe environment for you to explore and discern how deep you wish to dig. In that sense, this is a very gentle program. Yet the opportunity for dramatic progress is also available to you. You decide, and we support.

The Outcomes

Like the director of a movie about your life, you can direct holistically your mind, your body, and your emotions in such a way as to put different behaviors out there other than what you have been doing by habit, thereby optimizing others’ experience of who you are. Of even greater importance, it optimizes others’ experience of themselves as a result of interacting with you. There is a certain ease and naturalness with which you are navigating within your social world that invites others to be more trusting of you.

The integrative aspect of this program appreciates that work affects home, and home affects work. When you make a tweak within yourself, the benefits are expressed at work, home, and those social arenas between these two predominant places in your life. “Wherever you go, there you are,” which explains the pervasiveness of your fundamental change.

At work, this change is translated into higher morale, greater productivity, and thus more revenue. That’s because your higher level of awareness supports employee engagement and retention. At home, family harmony is heightened as your approach to parental, marital, or relational stressors carries a more relaxed yet focused engagement. It’s not unusual to hear our clients report having their most meaningful conversations in years, even decades, following their workshop graduation. Hear and read their words through videos and signature testimonials how they describe their takeaways from this program.

You will leave this personal and professional development program with a written action plan, a psychological roadmap, such that you can optimize your leadership impact based upon what you have created and experienced within and through your authentic self. This is another way of saying that you get back in touch with who you really are at the center of your being (the “seat of your soul,” that person you like) such that years of practicing an “act” no longer appeal to you because who you really are is so much better, real, and natural than any act could possibly be. It also takes less energy to simply be you. You will find that your new leadership expression is the by-product of your recovered and re-discovered personality demeanor, and thereby generalizes beyond the work setting to not only those important relationships at home but also your social connections within and beyond your community.

A common yet unexpected outcome is the change our graduates start noticing in others who are simply responding in kind to their workshop change. This is termed “reciprocal determinism” (coined by Bandura, a social psychologist). What it means is that your change becomes the impetus for others’ change. It is the ripple effect that allows you to share a common conceptual framework with others along with a mutual responsibility for change. When enough people within an organization experience this, a culture change ensues.

When looking for a total leadership development training program, look for holistic, integrative programs highlighting self-awareness and emotional intelligence as key to optimizing your relationships both at work and at home. We offer our programs tuition-guaranteed because it is the right thing to do with those who invest in our brand of personal and professional development.

Contact Rachel Pillsbury-Duyk to register or inquire about a program. She’s here to help.