When the Female Voice Literally Undermines Leadership

Posted by Dr. Holly Latty-Mann on

Whether “vocal fry” or “little girl voice,” these vocal delivery styles are hurting even the most aspiring females in our corporate world.

First, the “little girl voice” includes some hesitancy along with a manipulated breath at an unnatural pitch for a woman.  It unintentionally invites a response that causes the young woman to feel others have behaved in a condescending manner towards her. Any time one believes he or she is being treated differently from others, it’s a signal to devote time to self-awareness to determine the role one may be playing in whatever the unwelcomed dynamic.

Then there is vocal fry that has an unnatural nasal quality about it. It seems to be a current fad for the younger adult who is striving to be “cool.” It is as if a female actress who seemed to exude confidence in the movies has become a model for others in that age range who are not so sure of themselves. Rachel Pillsbury-Duyk shared this link with me that confirmed this phenomenon, as it mentions Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian.  Following this YouTube, one comment remarked it sounded like a conversation between a chain saw and a dirt bike. And yes, some men are guilty of it as well.

Any kind of “canned” voice holds authenticity at bay. One rarely can detect features of warmth, sincerity, or genuineness in it. It can suggest either lack of confidence or faked over-confidence.

Finding voice can be taken both literally and figuratively as one grows in his or her authenticity. No one can emulate the real you better than you.