Meet Barbara Ford-Latty, MA, RN, CHTP

Barbara Ford-Latty serves The Leadership Trust® as Executive Director of the Center for Life and Living, a 2014 division of The Leadership Trust® that focuses on corporate wellness and personal balance. Ford-Latty draws upon her graduate training in both traditional and non-traditional medicine to offer services creating holistic alignment specifically through her energy work. However, her vision for CLL includes multiple specializations not only as preventative healthcare measures but also for the simple joy of feeling good both physically and mentally/emotionally.

As an RN, Ford-Latty attended the University of North Carolina, then worked as Nurse Manager of the Duke Medical Center Cardiac Care Unit, later graduating from Wellesley College Phi Beta Kappa, with a degree in architecture and lectured on American Art/Architecture on the Smithsonian’s Odyssey Tours. Incorporating the principles of architectural balance into the inner world of personal wellness and wholeness, Ford-Latty has created a unique approach to holistic wellbeing from these seemingly discrepant disciplines.

As a corporate trainer and leadership facilitator with the Colonial Williamsburg Hospitality Group and Sonesta Hotels, Ford-Latty began constructing her own brand of corporate wellness with focus on personal health issues within the context of corporate stress and relationships. Barbara’s most recent applications of her energy work have produced results her clients describe as “youthening”. After her graduation with High Honors from Clayton College of Natural Health with a graduate degree in Holistic Wellness, Barbara founded Haelen Health, an Integrative Healthcare collaborative with offices in Roanoke and Christiansburg, Virginia. An educator, registered nurse, author, integrative health practitioner, and member of The Leadership Trust® self-awareness team, Barbara Ford-Latty has over 25 years of experience in healthcare and education, along with an insatiable curiosity about all things pertaining to balance and wholeness in our hectic human world.

Co-author of the book Health: Mind Body Soul, Ford-Latty is in the middle of a new project focusing on the resilience of healthy aging. She is an adjunct faculty member at ECPI University and Skyline College, Roanoke, VA, teaching classes in nursing education. In October 2014, she was named “Teacher of the Year-ECPI University” by the Association of Virginia Career Colleges for her innovative and compassionate teaching methods.

Barbara has always felt there is more to being human than maintaining parts of a machine and has begun finding ways to pull things together into a meaningful gestalt. “We must pay attention to how we connect – and disconnect – from the basic to the divine – our bodies, our psyche, our homes, our gardens, our cities, our spirit,” she says. Having explored multiple spiritual and alternative philosophies as well as materially based concepts, Barbara recognizes a paradigm shift is beginning to emerge in western society that is changing the meaning of health in our civilization today. Moving from a cultural perspective focused entirely on the physical lack of disease symptoms, our society is moving toward the concept of health as a balanced, open living system existing in a state of homeostasis with all other life forms. This integration of mind, body and spirit offers hope for a centered, compassionate future where each person finds meaningful value not only within but also a meaningful human connectedness with others.

With the tools of energy balance, mindfulness, and a renewed collaboration of ancient wisdom with modern science, Barbara guides her clients on their individual path to dynamic balance and wholeness, knowing that by guiding one person to a compassionate life, she is contributing to a kinder, gentler, healthier world.