Meet David Snyder, ALM-Psychology, Harvard

Consulting Partner and Faculty Member
The Leadership Trust®

David Snyder works collaboratively with The Leadership Trust® co-founder Dr. Holly Latty-Mann in developing customized solutions and programs for organizations that are seeking to scientifically assess and improve the performance of teams and workgroups.

A Consulting Partner and Faculty Member of The Leadership Trust®, he is considered a national thought leader in the practice area of building high performing teams and coaching high performing individuals.

The author of How to Hire a Champion and How to Mind Read Your Customers, David specializes in the development and implementation of executive and organizational competency models as the structural platform for performance analysis. Unlike some generic assessment tools, the competency assessment models and tools built by The Leadership Trust® help “translate” the competencies that are already built into the existing HR systems of organizations. We then create web-based assessment and development tools specific to our client’s performance management systems—as opposed to promoting or assessing “artificial” competencies that may not apply to our clients existing HR systems.

Over the past two decades, David has successfully served hundreds of companies from Fortune 500 clients to entrepreneurial start-ups. Much of his work has involved helping companies achieve greater revenue through the development of high performing teams and the tools necessary to assess these teams and hold them accountable to highly specific goals.

As a graduate student at Harvard, David served as co-investigator on a groundbreaking study that found a relationship between differences in frontal brain activity and personality types. As an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he double majored in English and Comparative Literature and served as editor of the student literary magazine. His new book in progress How to Be a Workplace Champion is drawing upon social-networking communities and research to define the traits of high performing individuals across cultural groups worldwide.

When he is not contemplating leadership issues, David serves as a member of several bands, plays in the orchestra for his church, composes, records and publishes music, swims, bikes, travels, and endeavors to understand why his precocious daughter always seems to know more than him, while fully understanding that some things in life will just have to remain a mystery.