Meet William R. Murray Harvard MBA, Yale M.Div., Master Certified Coach

Bill Murray serves The Leadership Trust® by specializing in coaching leaders to improve their performance through webinars that include self-awareness topics such as emotional intelligence. Bill coaches executives, leaders, managers, and business owners individually and in small groups to significantly improve leadership through emotional intelligence and communication skills. His passion is to see you perform at your best, grow professionally, and enjoy it.

Bill has an MBA from Harvard, M.Div. from Yale, and is a graduate of Corporate Coach U and a Master Certified Coach since 1999. He has over 30 years of experience both as a leader and Executive Coach for corporate leaders.

Bill started as a line manager with bottom-line profit responsibility. Then in 1976, he began training and coaching managers in leadership and communication skills in JC Penney’s corporate headquarters in NYC. Bill helped JC Penney’s open the largest management training center in New York. Since then he has trained and coached leaders in companies of all sizes. In 1993, he founded Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching with the motto, “Powerful leadership through emotional intelligence”.

Bill has a special talent for understanding organizational culture and helping clients see what is going on around them in their company. He perfected his talent by alternating graduate education in organizational psychology at Yale, Harvard, and City University of NY with hands-on business experience. Each graduate school taught him new ways to understand corporate organizational cultures. He then put those insights into practice on the job; each time he learned to see more clearly what is really going on and thus how to ensure results-focused change.

Bill is also unusually talented in assisting clients to devise new strategies to solve people problems and improve their work relationships. He got this talent by attending over 100 workshops on communication skills, leadership, coaching, and emotional intelligence offered by blue chip corporate training organizations such as National Training Labs. He was able to fine tune his coaching skills through 12 years of corporate in-house experience and since 1993 as an independent Executive Coach.

In his leisure, Bill stays fit with hiking, weights, and swimming. He leads and participates in church groups and personal or spiritual growth groups.